I had the huge honor and joy to meet in person one of the most iconic drummers of the metal scene and I present the interview that took place through videocall with the one and only Krimh.

-Hello, Krimh. First I would like to thank you for your time.

-Hello! No problem at all.

-I am so happy that we managed to meet in the live of Harakiri For The Sky and I think that with you the live was more explosive. How it looked for you the live and the people?

-At first, that was the 4th show with Harakiri, because generally I am their session drummer. We recorded many albums together and we stopped the lives cause of the COVID situation. The same band asked me if I could join them in their shows, since their drummer was injured. I checked the setlist and I said: "Alright"! All of the songs was recorded with me, so I remembered again the material and at last it was very cool all the stuff that we played together. It came also the time to play to Greece too, first at Eightball, where we played before with SepticFlesh too and all the people was crazy, climbing the walls, so I'll remember this forever. It didn't happened something like that this time with Harakiri, it was more calm, but very cool show. And then we played in Athens and it was amazing that we came to Greece and all was very welcome directly. I tried to enjoy as much as I could and that really happened.

-I saw that all the people got crazy when you got up to the stage, since the Greeks connected you with the SepticFlesh, and everyone was like "Wow, Krimh is here again"! I think that everyone was very happy to see you with Harakiri too.

-Yeah. I had the same feeling. I felt that it was perfect crowd and very welcome.

-Cool. I would like to ask you about Diablery as a supporting act.

-I didn't know them before and I heard them for the first time through that two shows and I liked a lot their material. I got crazy with the drummer! Very nice stuff, very atmospheric and I felt that they played very good performance on the stage.

-Now I would like you to tell me some of your biggest influences as a drummer.

-Hmmm, difficult question, because the influences are too many. My main one iwas always Joey Jordison from Slipknot. He made me catch the drumsticks and I always liked how aggressive he was and always being extreme without being extreme at the same time. Another one that I like is Daniel Erlandsson from Arch Enemy. But all of this is changing, cause I found more and more drummers through the years. Some like Benny Greb that is more groovy or Gavin Harrison that plays with Porcupine Tree. I would say that every drummer can be an influence, just like the drummer of Diablery that I mentioned before. I didn't know him and I saw him playing for the first time and I was very surprised.

-Perfect. I would like to ask you, if you had the chance to play with a band, which one would be?

-I think that it would be very cool to play at least one song with Slipknot, hahahaha! I don't know really. It's difficult. I am glad though that I played with bands like Behemoth and Decapitated. Let's see what the future holds and maybe one day I'll play with one band that I have a lot on my mind.

-Very nice. Now let's talk a little about Septic Flesh. We heard already one song from the new material. Personally I liked a lot the new track (Hierophant) and it reminded me many elements from "Codex Omega", but I think that it has many elements from the "Communion" too. So I would like to ask you, the new album will follow the same pattern or it will be more experimental?

-I think that you are very right that you say that the song is between "Codex Omega" and "Communion" and I would say that it is 100% Septic Flesh song. When you hear the new album, you'll see that exists many different instruments, many different vocal styles and I tried to play with new dynamics in the drums. I remember something that Seth told me, that he mention to me to don't be so "strict" with my playing, but to think myself as a painted who paints one image and to try new flavors. I tried to do that. I spent a lot of time before the production, worked on many grooves. So i think that the new album is for sure SepticFlesh, but it has some experimental stuff and flavors.

-That sounds very interesting! Now i would like to ask you which is your favorite album of Septic Flesh?

-I think that I'll say "Communion". It was the album that got me to know the band and i think that is something legendary. Every album of them i think is very unique and powerful, but the "Communion" is the album that they got their sound. The new album is more bombastic, but the "Communion" is more raw, evil worshipping and dark. It brings me nostalgic reasons, since like that i met Septic Flesh.

-Very nice. Let's go to something different now. We already heard your solo albums. We will expect something solo in this year?

-Yeah, definetely. I was very busy with the recording at 2020 for my 4th solo album and all is set. Today already I sent the booklet and the digipack to the printing companies, so all is ready. I think that i was very buys with other stuff too, like session drummer and the artwork also took much time, cause is all painted on hand, obviously digital, but even like that on hand so kinda it took half of the year. We worked on some different ideas, but at least i am not stressed about the companied, cause all is independent and self-released. So for sure it's coming the new material when all is mixed and the print is ready too. It will be CDs and then I'll think of the release date, I'll release some singles first and then all the album.

-Ok, so new Septic Flesh, new solo album. You're on fire!

-Hahaha, yes!

-Ok. Something that we all expect is another live with Septic Flesh in Greece. You have any plans?

-As far as I know we don't have something for now, because all is stressed around us, since many shows are cancelled in Europe and we work on different tours this time and of course festivals. More In the US is more easy for a live, since many tours happen there a lot now. We didn't discuss for some greek shows, but for sure will happen. When? I don't know yet. Many bands want to play. They are all starving! The venues also have very limited time to be free to play.

-Ok. Since you mentioned the COVID situation, how you passed your time all of this period?

-All this time wasn't easy at all, cause technically i stopped my job, since to be musician means also concerts and without that it's not something to give you to pay the bills. I shocked at first, cause you need to find yourself especially these last 2 years since the start of the pandemic. So i played as i never played before in all my life and i practiced a lot. We worked the new Septic Flesh and i tried works like session drummer with other bands, i teached drums with online lessons and generally i tried to be active in different stuff. 2 years just practiced in the practice room, then i was going to the my house, saw videos, heard new songs, recorded and worked on the new material. I was very busy and I expected a lot to come back again the routine with Septic Flesh, to play again in lives. I missed all of this. For me the most important thing is the lives when you make music. Like that i answer back on why i accepted to play live with Harakiri. To be again on the stage and to feel all this again.

-Totally understandable even for us that we missed to see concerts.


-Ok, now i want to ask you which other greek bands do you know and you like.

-I know mostly the biggest. Of course i know Rotting Christ, Lucifer's Child that we played together again. The greek scene has many names, but i think that not so much international recognition.

-Wel very good that you know Lucifer's Child though.

-Hahahaha, of course!

-They are very good project.

-Also i know Nightrage, Nightfall, Gus G that is awesome guitarist. It's very cool all this. Small country, but huge metal scene.

-Yeah and i have to mention that exist huge bands here, but not the promotion unfortunately.


-Well, somewhere here we finish this interview. The closing is all yours and if you want to say something for the fans too.

-Ok. First i want to thank you so much for this interview. To the Greek fans, I'll say that i always love to play in Greece and all the time it is awesome this warm hospitality and this unique energy in the lives. I always like to come to Greece to play for all of you. I hope that many people comes when we announce something.

-Definetely. Of course!

-Yeah, cause we are greek band and the Greeks enjoy our music. So i wait impatient for this. Metal spirit up high, because metal music is always necessary.

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